About us

Thermalution Health Care Series is a brand that aims to provide warmth to those who needs it most. In order to fulfill this requirement, we have created our Health Care Series that will soothe the pain in your body. We have combined the common knowledge of applying heat to sore and or injured body parts with our unique blend of health care belts and guards that will relief your pain and aid your healing. 
- Made of genuine neoprene, our products emit safe Far Infrared Ray that provides soothing warmth to penetrate your skin and gently elevate your body heat, improve blood circulation, promote tissue and cell regeneration to promote healing.
- State of the art non-metallic heating fiber wire that is safe, comfortable, durable, flexible and even machine wash safe.
- Powered by ordinary Alkaline or rechargeable Ni-MH batteries (please use same brand of batteries) and heats up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit in 5 minutes.  
Heated Lumbar Belt

 Keep your lumbar warm, and support your back.
 Perfect for the relief of lower back pain.

 Power: Size AA x 8
 Size: S/M/L
 Heated Shoulder Pad

 Keep your shoulder warm. Perfect for relieving shoulder and neck pain or stiffness.

 Power: Size AA x 8
 Size: One Size
Heated Abdomen Belt

 Relieve menstrual discomfort, promote blood circulation, and
 keep lower abdomen warm.

 Power: Size AA x 8
 Size: S/M/L

Heated Knee Pad

 Keep your knee
 warm. Perfect for relieving the pain of arthritis and joint stiffness

 Power: Size AA x 3
 Size: S/M/L
Heated Wrist Belt

 Keep your wrist warm. Perfect for relieving the
 pain of arthritis and
 joint stiffness.

 Power: Size AA x 2
 Size: One Size
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a common condition for people working in an environment that places stress on certain parts of the body. Anyone that works with computers is in the high RSI risk group, due to the demand placed on the wrist by typing. 

Common RSI Symptoms:
. Pain in the stressed body parts.
. Tingling, numbness or loss of sensation in the hand or arm.
. Muscle spasms or muscle weakness.
. Impairment in one’s ability to carry out normal domestic work.
. Any of these symptoms inhibiting you from quality sleep at night.

 Treatments for RSI:
 There is no real treatment method to cure RSI, but only methods to prevent it from getting worse. Such methodology includes ergonomics (modification of posture and usage of stressed body parts), and adaptive technology such as special keyboards or voice recognition software. Alternatively, Thermalution Far-infrared Power Heated Body Warmer can help the blood circulation and reduce the risk of attaining RSI while assisting in the recovery of RSI symptoms. 

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